How to Make A Farmhouse Style Chicken Wire Basket.

Make Your Own Farmhouse Chicken Wire Mail Baskets

Here’s what I used:

1 bottle of hammered dark bronze spray paint

2 3lb packs of hooks (to hold mail) (Less than $4 each)

1 roll of heavy duty wire from Lowe’s ($3.50)

1 roll of chicken wire from Lowe’s ($30)

~Remember, these baskets can easily cost $30 just for a new one, and this will make multiple baskets~


Measure how many squares long and wide you want it to be.


Use something with a straight edge to bend your wire into a nice sharp 90 degree angle.  It may not turn out just right at first, we ended up having to hand bend ours a little and then after they had mail in them for a day they adjusted too.


Count however many squares over and across, giving yourself a couple extra on each end.


This was hubby and I’s first project together.


It was much faster having one person pre-cut the squares while the other started weaving them together.


Your start by cutting a good long piece of wire and start at one end and weave them together in and out down the spine of the basket.


Keep going!


Keep going!


When you get to the end, then you…


Go around to the next side or if you want to stop where you are then…


start twisting it tightly to prepare to tie it off.



It’s easier than I made it sound.  Hopefully visually it makes sense.


After spraying the Command hooks and the chicken wire (lay it on cardboard, let dry and flip and do the other side) let everything completely dry until the next day.



I also bought some wooden labels and hubby drilled holes on each end and I am going to put them on the front, twisting wire through the holes to attach. There are many options of adding extras so maybe I will add photos eventually!

I didn’t take one with out mail in it yet but they work great! One if for old mail, one is for important bills or outgoing.

Also, there is a ton of chicken wire left, enough to make many more baskets or a handful of small ones.

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Repurposing Food Jars

I had some empty pickle jars and spaghetti jars I wanted to use for an eventual project, and after I bought my kids a huge pack of Crayola markers I knew they would come in handy.  We are about to start our new home school year and having just moved, one of my goals is to decorate in a sort of cabin meets farmhouse style.

I had painted a couple of the jars cobalt blue originally but decided to repaint them white.  I can’t get enough of the bright lately. I experimented and painted two of the jars black first with some chalkboard spray paint I had leftover.



I didn’t have a scratch pad on hand so I just used a dried out rag I had in the garage. Lovely huh? I didn’t even peel the sticker off the pickle jar. I started but it was sticky and I didn’t want to mess with cleaning it off. It still turned out fine.


I liked the jars that I had prepainted black with the white on top better because it made the distressed look pop.





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Repurposing An Old Popcorn Tin

We just moved and I have been slowly but surely unpacking and cleaning out the garage.  I took a break from that and decided to make some use out of an old Christmas popcorn tin.  I need a trashcan in the bathrooms, so this will save money on one of them anyways!





I like the way it turned out and it only took about 10 minutes. I did one coat in 5 and went back over it again.

// Meg //

The Beginning.



This is the beginning of something special.  I have been filled with an enormous amount of HOPE over the past 6 months since my journey of hearing God better, laying down weights, and starting fresh began.

In this post which I have not really edited in my brave attempt to just be myself and not delete, retype, perfect etc…you will read about the “weird and wild” things in my head.

You will learn a little about my past and where I am now.

I am sharing it because it makes me happy when I remember where God brought me from as a lonely, Christian mom who had too much on her plate but couldn’t feel free enough to talk to people about all her pain.

I am also trying to be brave and inviting you along on this little adventure of a startup business in hopes I can help my husband bring in income so hopefully one day he won’t have to be away from home so much.

So if you have time, continue reading and find out what dare I am taking, we are taking as family…and how a new mindset is changing our very life before our eyes.

Seriously, it’s down yonder, keep scrolling into the great abyss.

Not Business As Usual

What would spur me again? Why even bother after past failed attempts? (Oh yes, I have many past attempts at businesses, but wonder how many times I just gave up before the fruit showed up…because things take time!)

Why make an official business? Why not just keep it a hobby?

Honestly, maybe safe says I should just keep it a hobby.

But God knows my heart and I am choosing to stand on His Word which says when I commit my plans to Him, there will be success.

Times before can’t tell me why they weren’t successful. Maybe it was bad timing. I know for sure the things I was trying to make and sell weren’t exactly my passion.  It was almost experimental.  Emphasis on the mental. (insert giggle)

For years I have had a God given seed planted within me. In fact it started as a young child.  And through the years I have taken steps to try and water it but when failure came time after time, I would roll up the dream like an old mat and put away and pretend it didn’t exit. Though it still panged within.


The dream isn’t just about me. It isn’t about money. It is about people actually. Community.  Yes, this is the word that fits.

I have pictured us having a little shop in a small town, where we greet the locals or passerby’s who come in.  Where we spread smiles and love in word and in deed.

I know I am not in control of the future, y’all.  I get that. But if God has planted a dream inside of me and it won’t go away but just seems to grow, why not take one step forward in the now?

I want to let myself dream again. I want to include my kids in this adventure, teaching them how to make things, and how we can glorify God in good, honest work.

God has called me to school them here, and right now some of you know my husband is gone over the road, so maybe this is something fruitful for us to do as a family!

I want to let us be us. To allow myself to be me.

I will unashamedly admit I am the weird lady who pretends she lives in the Laura Ingalls age while enjoying all the modern tools and tech.

I am a humming, praying, happy-when-I-am-not-comparing-or-judging-myself kinda gal, who is learning how to live freely within God’s boundaries.

I am learning we all have unique relationships with God and what my favorite ways to spend time with Him are.

I am learning I am a lot like Belle and her dad in Beauty and the Beast, having a love of words and woodshop.

I am also learning I am a lot like her dancing cupboard friends who don’t mind chores (especially if they aren’t my own) and who love to swing and sway in the meantime.

When I am fully in the moment, enjoying the life I have been given right now, I am a better mom for it, a better wife for it and a better ME in general. God is the giver of all good things and the Maker of all good things.

He made me and you too and even declared how good we looked after He made us!


He is part of who I am, the center of everything I do.  No longer do I want to wallow in the past mistakes or dwell on how I may fail in the future, but I want to relish the moment He has given me right.this.minute.


In Only A Year’s Time

-from broken to being built-


I shall be glad that I am glad.

I shall stop being my own hinderance.

I shall stop feeling guilty for smiling. 

I shall stop trying to be other people.

I shall pray and let the Holy Spirit lead me instead of saying yes right away when my insides say, hold up!

I shall shut up the dictations of the enemy, who for so long I let boss me around by the guilt noose on my neck.

I shall live boldly and bravely, not in fear, dread or panick mode.

I shall fill others up, not bring them down.

I shall learn I can enjoy the now, even if circtumstances are hard requiring me to wait upon the Lord.

I shall look around at all these boxes we have lived out of since April and know God has had a plan all along.


How did I get so far from where I was last year?

How did I get so far from the confused, inwardly crippled and overwhelmed me?

I can’t answer that question in one sitting really, although looking at the length of this post it would seem otherwise. (insert laugh ______ here)

But I can tell you that it has been a process. God has been freeing me from deep rooted hurts, fears, and unrealistic expectations for  while now.  The breakdown, I call it, that happened in December of 2015 was actually a miracle.

The breaking was only the beginning.  And along the journey of learning who God made me to be and being happy in that, came an unexpected surprise in the process.

Part of this amazing process entered my life recently and was written by an amazing and God-loving woman named Jennifer Dukes Lee. She wrote researched, studied and interviewed for 2 years before writing a book titled, The Happiness Dare in which we can pursue a holy happiness and debunks some stereotypes that “happiness” has been given.

The First Dare

We were blessed to be able to be a part of the launch team for this exciting chunk in time and this past week our first #happinessdare was to create a memory jar.

We are making it a family event!

If you have never heard of this idea before, it is simple.  Just write down one good memory from each day so at the end of your 365 days, you can read them one by one and remember all the good. It is one of the fun #happinesshacks that can help to retrain your brain to think positive.

Visit to take the free assessment and see which type of happiness you thrive on the most.  Most of us will have a secondary type as well that comes in close second.  I have met people who had a little of all so remember there is no one right way.

So as we read along in #TheHappinessDare, we are boldly putting one foot in front of the other and allowing ourselves to be who God made us to be!  In my case it is Doer/Thinker with a desire to experience and give as well. I think I have been a bit of all of them at certain seasons in my life. Never a dull moment eh?

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